Artist Statement
"Funny Face Time with L.J."

Larry Parsons

Take a trip back in time to when you were a child. I'll bet that you, like most of the rest of us, at some time or another looked in a mirror and made strange, exaggerated, contorted, bizarre faces. Perhaps you did that with a friend for - each other and/or together, resulting in gales of laughter at your mutual and individual silliness.

Last summer while cleaning a closet I found a magnifying make-up mirror that once belonged to my mother. I had great fun being a child again making weird, funny faces with it. The next thing that came to mind was to capture this silly creativity with my camera. Not being into "Selfies" I discarded the idea. Later it came to me to use our ten year old grandson, L.J. D'Incecco, as the model!

He loved it and we had a fun photo session with him engaged in the mirror making goofily contorted faces. Not only is he a most handsome young man (not just grandparent's bias), but also he freely gives of his imagination and good humor. I greatly appreciate L.J.'s cooperation and willingness to assist me. Having such a terrific grandson always puts a mirror-worthy smile on my face.

The mirror we used in this project is placed on the wall nearby for you to try putting on your own best funny face. Quickly ... while no one is looking ...Go for it! Even better, with your phone get someone to snap a picture of you and share it with friends and family. Send one to me too: larryparsonsphoto@gmail or text message to 609 577 4634.

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