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One of the great loves of my life is making photographic images. My minds eye transforms interesting situations or ordinary scenes into a finished photograph. I always keep my eye and mind open to finding those occurrences and sightings - a sensibility almost always active in the back of my mind like background music in a movie. It's that "aha" moment we all have when we say, "Oh that's a picture! Wish I had the camera!" When I encounter scenes that are pleasing to look at: flowers, gardens, landscapes, faces, bodies, babies, or interesting building, a resulting emotional reaction urges me to make a photo. I desire not just to record what I see, but also to capture the essence of the subject. One of the great loves of my life is making photographic images. As I have matured in this process, I keep asking myself several questions: What is it about this subject that attracts me and then how do I make it into a photograph? How can my photo enhance something that is already beautiful? How can I capture and communicate the sensation or emotion that I feel?
I love to photograph what I call the "Ballet of Life." I have noticed that people walk, run, waltz, lumber, swagger, and stand as they go through daily life. We all move through life's daily activities with a rhythm that is uniquely our own, but at the same time, common to us all. I love to record this "ballet" hoping for an image that generates the viewer's response. Sometimes I stop that action and freeze the subject still in place. Other times I want to record the feeling of the motion so that the image is blurred by the action. Either way, the image conveys the essence of the rhythm of the "ballet."
It is my hope that these notes aid your understanding of the images presented here. At the same time, I value your thoughts and comments. My contact information is provided in the Contact me section.
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